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Today Was a Peach on the Seacoast: So Let’s Live Long and Prosper!


photo of large peach

peach photo courtesy of Applecrest Farm

It’s a summer Sunday on the Seacoast… and let me tell you this Sunday was a PEACH!

After a morning spent grabbing some oatmeal and my venti Komodo Dragon blend coffee at Starbucks in Market Square, I replied to a few emails and got some blogging in and then, well I hit the wall. ENOUGH screen time for now! It was time to go and do, not sit and write. Hey, it’s Sunday, it’s the summertime… and I think my meter just ran out. It was time for a special Seacoast mission… which I chose to accept. Yep, no doubt about it, I needed some fresh local peaches and I needed them now.

So, I jumped in my truck and headed down 95 south to Hampton Falls for the Applecrest Farm 7th Annual Peach Festival. I had heard about the festival from a poster at AJ’s Wood Grilled Pizza in Kittery last week. It was a SIGN, not just a poster! Perfect peaches, a banjo strumming band, corn on the cob, farm fresh fruit and veggies? Are you serious? I’m there!

applecrest farm logo

Well, not knowing where I was headed, I rolled right into the “Pick Your Own” area first. Pick your own apples, peaches, blueberries, etc. I saw a few families picking their own and they looked hot, humid, cranky and sticky, and it really did not look like fun festival times from where I was sitting…. So I figured there must be a farm stand store nearby where the Applecrest farmers picked the peaches for me already, right? That’s what peach baskets are for,… oh and also for Dr. Naismith’s basketballs, way back in the day… but I digress.

I refocused and looked over yonder hills and could see the possible makings of a farm festival of sorts off in the distance (west I think)… There at the top of the hill welcoming me with peaches a-plenty was the 2012 Applecrest Farm Peach Festival! And, let me tell ya it was jamming (pun intended).

I turned in and parked across from the apple orchards. I headed for the plentiful peach baskets! Did I mention how I love peaches? Nothing like a farm fresh peach! They are nature’s candy and good for you too. Well I stampeded into the Applecrest Farm Market and I hastily loaded up my red wicker basket. I grabbed a dozen peaches (1/2 white & 1/2 yellow) freshly picked – by professionals, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, pears and some apple and boysenberry homemade jelly. But, really, it’s all about the peaches.

C’mon could the ancient Chinese be wrong? [from the Health Food Guide]:

The early Chinese knew the health benefits of peaches clear back in the tenth century. While they often used the pit for medication, they also had a saying, “longevity peach,” meaning the peach extended your life…. Peaches are a wonder fruit and pack a nutritional punch: According to the Health Food Guide, peaches are a good source of many different vitamins and minerals, (Vitamin A, beta-carotene and lots of fiber too) but one that particularly prolongs life (and our health and fitness) is potassium. 

Well, back to my peaches (and all that potassium)… so, I made quick work of my shopping in the market and headed out to the festival to listen to some banjo & guitar jamming. These guys were rocking out and kids were dancing and an older couple was chilling out enjoying the music and smiling. Ah, there’s nothing like a good farm festival on the Seacoast, especially on a lazy summer Sunday. After bagging up my goodies, I could not wait any longer to complete my farm market mission. The peaches were calling to me…

photo of bunch of yellow peaches

I hopped right up on my truck tailgate, busted open the bag of fresh peaches and bit into my first (yellow) peach of the season. Sweet GEORGIA, that was THE ONE! OH the fruity goodness, sweetness and juicy-ness of a fresh farm peach. Well, let me tell you, that was the BEST peach I have ever had sitting there on my truck tailgate, relaxing on a perfect Seacoast summer Sunday afternoon. That peach was like a fruity meal and burst of peach juice and a dessert all in one. It hit the spot and was well worth the trip down 95. I’ll take my “Peach time” over “Beach time” today.

Thank you Applecrest Farm. Your Peach Festival made my summer Sunday afternoon very sweet. Mission accomplished. And, hey, thanks for the potent potassium bonus too – your perfect peaches are helping us all to live long(er) and prosper here on the Seacoast! (Did Spock have a stash of peaches up on the Enterprise? Hmmm. He was always in perfect health. Fascinating.)

Yes. Today was a peach of a day.


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  1. Mmm…peaches! Summer is so fleeting. Glad you enjoyed the day!

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