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Seacoast Fitness “Spotlight”: FIT TO LIVE – This Circuit will Charge Up Your Fitness!

logo of fit to live circuit training

Welcome to the first installment of Seacoast Fitness “Spotlight” featuring FIT TO LIVE circuit training in Dover, NH.

Recently some fitness friends of mine, who are very active in the Dover area fitness and wellness community (Jennifer Lake from Be One Yoga & Annie Wagoner from Core Nourishment), were raving to me about a new circuit training/fitness workout they were doing. They told me I NEEDED to go check out FIT TO LIVE  and that I would love the unique combination of core, balance, coordination and strength training in every custom-designed workout at FIT TO LIVE!

Photo of step ups at Fit to Live

Some step-ups on the big tire for balance and coordination ~ great circuit at FIT TO LIVE!

Jenn and Annie really know their fitness, so I decided to head on over to Dover and see for myself what all the buzz was about. I met up with the owner Chris Dempsey ready to dive right into the customized (balance and core) circuit fitness workout late last week. I am training for two sprint triathlons and (maybe) a half marathon. Right now, I train 6 days a week…

Well, (I thought I was in decent shape) let me tell you that the FIT TO LIVE circuit workout that Chris took me through was awesome, full of variety, fun, VERY tough, a tremendous fitness challenge, a great cardio workout… and VERY humbling at the same time! And Jenn and Annie were right, I loved it! You will too. You’ll see why. (FIT TO LIVE circuit training video high, and lowlights to follow. Stay tuned…)

Let’s first get down to basics and shine the Seacoast Fitness “Spotlight” on FIT TO LIVE:

  • What?: FIT TO LIVE is a functional fitness program where you move from station to station performing exercises where you will use and improve your CORE muscles, STRENGTH, BALANCE, COORDINATION and cardiovascular system. It is unlike any circuit workout you have ever done and it WILL improve your health & fitness. Here’s how!
  • Where?: FIT TO LIVE‘s facility is located conveniently in downtown Dover, NH at 124 Washington Street ~ opened in January 2012 ~ and includes a wide variety of circuit training equipment, bands, med balls, some free weights, (Indo) balance boards, a variety of Swiss (or balance balls), a large indoor turf area and changing areas for men and women. 
  • Who?: Owner/Manager is Chris Dempsey. Chris is a certified and experienced fitness/personal trainer. 

FIT TO LIVE circuit training classes are designed for athletes of all ages, genders and abilities ~ everyone gets after it in class, and gets more fit and healthy! (Chris Dempsey – in green – leading a small class of UNH students)

  • When?: Weekly Circuit Class Schedule: Circuit Training is offered 8-9 sessions per day Monday thru Friday. So, YOU CHOOSE the time that works best for your circuit workout! Come when it’s most convenient for you. The first class is typically at 6am and the last class starts at 6pm. The Saturday session is at 9am. FIT TO LIVE is CLOSED on Sunday. 
  • OK, OK… So, how much?: FIT TO LIVE‘s rates/fees are: $99.00/month (no long-term commitment); for a 6-month commitment the rate drops to $89.00/month; for a 1 year commitment the rate is only $79.00/month; and couples are $159.oo/month. Compared to all the other crazy gym “deals” and discounts out there (that lock you into a contract and make you pay for a personal trainer, AND charge you for classes too), FIT TO LIVE is a such a bargain! You can come to FIT TO LIVE and workout every day, and twice a day if you like, and you get your OWN TRAINER coaching you in each and every session! For your membership fee, Chris DESIGNS & CUSTOMIZES the circuit workouts for you. Every day is a different workout and fitness circuit. Chris coaches and guides all members (“the FIT TO LIVE Tribe”) through the workouts. Now that’s the PERSONAL attention, coaching and variety of workouts you are looking for in your fall fitness routine, believe me. Yeah, THIS is what the buzz is about!
Let’s go right to the videotape! Below is the (unedited) footage of me battling through the balance/core circuit workout with Chris. There were six (6) fitness stations in this custom circuit (*1st 3 videos below are from my workout). I fought through four circuit training rounds, which were timed for 1 minute at each station, with very little rest in between stations or after rounds ~ which is very typical for any circuit training or fitness station workout.
The last video is of a group of UNH students working through the same FIT TO LIVE circuit training workout (their balance and core strength were much better than mine, and they all killed it!). So, here’s how you get FIT TO LIVE! “Spotlight”, camera, fitness:
Now, here’s what the FIT TO LIVE circuit workout is supposed to look like:

As you can tell from this one FIT TO LIVE circuit training session, if you live on the Seacoast, are looking to get super fit and healthy this fall, want personal attention at your gym and like a lot of variety in your workouts, you NEED to go check out FIT TO LIVE. I can honestly tell you that, after just one circuit workout with Chris, my balance and leg strength were much improved (and I ran my best 10K in months 2 days later), and my core was SO much stronger that it relieved my lower back pain/tightness I had been battling all summer. Yes, all that AFTER JUST ONE FIT TO LIVE WORKOUT with Chris! I AM healthier thanks to FIT TO LIVE.

Well, my Seacoast fitness friends, I can promise you I’ll be heading back for round #2 soon and see if I can conquer that crazy Indo board and keep boosting my balance and curing my core. Take it from me, FIT TO LIVE circuit training will charge up your fitness!

~ DALY DEAL!: Mention SEACOAST FITNESS DALY and get $10 OFF your first month’s membership at FIT TO LIVE ~

[FIT TO LIVE is located at 124 Washington Street in Dover, NH. The main phone number is 603-969-3253 ~ Ask for Chris. The website is: And yes, you can find FIT TO LIVE on Facebook and ‘LIKE’ their page at:].


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  1. That sounds like a really effective program. I’m always trying to find new ways to improve my balance and strengthen my core. It looks like you got a good workout from it!

    • Thanks Sami. Now I need to go back to FIT TO LIVE for more workouts after your great pumpkin beer and bread posts! Two of my favorite fall treats. I think circuit training focusing on core strength, body weight and balance is the future of gym workouts like they feature at FIT TO LIVE. I am already seeing local gyms changing their focus to circuit training to gain new clients. Interesting fitness marketplace shift going on. FIT TO LIVE seems to be ahead of the curve. Happy fall and happy running and enjoy the pumpkin bread. Hey that’s good carb loading too.

  2. You are spot on with this article! I’ve been FTLing since Chris opened in January. It’s the most fun I’ve had doing the best and toughest workouts I’ve ever done, and I used to run sprint Tri’s and road races all the time! This program ROCKS it everytime. The people are fun, and Chris is so in tune with his members! You just can’t get that personal attention anywhere else! Thanks for shining the light on him and his well-deserved hard work!

    • Thanks Stephanie. Great to hear from you and your passion for FTL and working with Chris too. He is terrific and I think, like I said above, way ahead of the fitness curve with his customized client workouts and balance/core training. I am seeing local Seacoast gyms advertising circuit and balance training now to get clients. Funny. Chris’ personal touch and connection with his members if the difference maker I agree! Glad to hear you are loving the program and Chris’ workouts at FTL. They are tough and fun! I am hoping to start getting over to Dover more this fall and winter since I had amazing results in ONE session with Chris. Thanks for reading the Seacoast Fitness Daly blog post. I am sure I will be writing about FTL again soon and maybe interviewing Chris and some members since I think they are on the cutting edge of the future of gyms and circuit workouts. Hope to see you over at FTL.

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