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Just Be Chill!: Portsmouth Company’s Tech Towel Keeps You Cool During and After Workouts

Like many of you, I was all caught up in the thrills, excitement and athletic achievements of the 2012 London Summer Olympics. To my surprise, the Olympic limelight shone a bit here on the Seacoast too when judo gold medalist Kayla Harrison paid a special visit to Portsmouth in late August – (see coverage). Kayla kicked it on up to NH to see the Seacoast and to thank her Olympic sponsor, CoolCore.

Haven’t heard of CoolCore? Well, neither had I until Kayla’s visit. A local sports/tech company based right here on the Seacoast that sponsored an Olympic gold medalist? Who knew? Well, I just had to see for myself what made this cooling apparel company gold medal caliber.

photo of chill tube towels full ad

CoolCore, founded in Windham, ME, now based right here in Portsmouth, NH, specializes in fiber-based cooling technology for sports accessories and apparel. CoolCore recently made its first products available for consumers and athletes of all levels and abilities. Their new cutting edge fitness product is the Chill Tube Cooling Towel. These are the same towels Kayla Harrison used during her training and the 2012 London Olympics to keep cool. What can these Chilling Towels do for both elite and recreational athletes? And, how do they keep the core cool exactly? According to the company website:

CoolCore provides a cooling solution that goes beyond traditional textile moisture-management or evaporative cooling technologies that rely on chemicals or polymer crystal treatments.The result is a technology that keeps you cooler, drier and healthier with a competitive advantage.

Hmmm, sounds cool. I definitely am interested in a towel that keeps me cooler and drier during workouts, and gives me a competitive advantage! Still, I am sure you are asking, how do these cool Chill Tube Cooling Towels work? What’s the science behind their Cooling Towel tech? Good questions. Here’s what I found out from the techies over at CoolCore… A picture is worth a thousand words after all, so let’s go right to the “cool” diagram:

photo of CoolCore fabric technology

FABRIC DETAILS: CoolCore’s unique fabric derives its cooling function from its construction. Comprised within a single layer, a multiplicity of fibers create a capillary system, wicking moisture away from the skin, circulating the moisture throughout the entire garment and regulating the rate of evaporation before releasing the molecules into the atmosphere. – IT WIPES, WICKS AND COOLS!

TOWEL SPECS: Content: 90% Poly, 10% Nylon, 100% Cool ~ Packaging: Plastic reusable tube ~ Size: 8”X30” – IT’S EASY AND GREEN!

OK, this could be a very cool fitness product and workout aid indeed. And, hey if it worked for an Olympic gold medalist…? So, I decided to drive on over to CoolCore Headquarters (to save on shipping) and grab a few Chill Tube Cooling Towels – they come in 6 different colors and are a bargain at $9.99 – and put them to the fitness test on some Seacoast Fitness Daly workouts and races.

Really, the towel itself is low tech and simple to use. All you have to do to activate the Cooling Towel is to wet it with water (preferably warm), wring it andphoto of the chill tube towel - green wave/snap it. On the Chill Tube packaging it instructs you to: wet it ~ wring it ~ wave it.

The results from my Seacoast Fitness Daly field testing:

  • At the 2012 Pumpkinman Sprint Triathlon, my green Chill Tube Cooling Towel helped me cool off on the 15-mile bike ride (I wore it around my neck) in humid conditions and post-race after the 5K run when I was still overheating. The towel was in a word, refreshing!
  • Next, I brought the Chill Tube Cooling Towel with me on a couple long (7-10 miles) runs and wore it around my neck to stay cool. It worked great, although I did need to keep waving and snapping the towel to reactivate its cooling effect.
  • The final fitness stop, and the ultimate cooling off fitness test, was Bikram Yoga class. So far, I have used the Chill Tube Cooling Towel after two Bikram classes and they are ideal for cooling off after Bikram or a Hot Yoga class. I covered my head with the towel and then wore it on my neck after class to help me cool down and wick away sweat. The cooling effect was instant and again very refreshing, and most noticeable after these Bikram Yoga tests.

Although admittedly, I was originally very skeptical about the cooling fabric, I found the Chill Tube Cooling Towels to be PERFECT for any type of yoga class, gym workout, fitness training, circuit workout, biking, triathlon, etc. The really cool thing is that as you continue to use the Cooling Towelthe water, heat, sweat and motion continues the cooling (and moisture wicking) effect on your skin. In a word, refreshing!

And, really, for only $9.99, these Chill Tube Cooling Towels are a fitness bargain and worked great. They really helped me keep my cool during and after my workouts and races. My only request from CoolCore is that I want a bigger Cooling Towel. Still, I can attest that I am a CoolCore convert and my new Chill Tube Cooling Towel gets tossed in my gym bag every day for all my Seacoast workouts and races. My advice to you is, like Kayla, to go for the gold, I mean the cool!

[Coming soon from CoolCore, more coolness: The inside scoop is that CoolCore will soon be selling cooling shirts and a specialized fitness/yoga cooling towel. Hopefully a BIGGER Chill Tube Cooling Towel too maybe?]

photo of coolcore logo

For more details on CoolCore and their products, or if you would like to purchase your own Chill Tube Cooling Towels, check out their website or give CoolCore a call toll-free at 603-766-5885. Or like me, you can swing on by their new CoolCore Headquarters at 210 Commerce Way, Suite 100 in Portsmouth. Be fit and stay cool.

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  1. Could not agree more. I recently bought one and put it to the test running in the heat and humidity of South Florida. The Cooling towel made a HUGE difference. I ended up buying a few and just used them to keep cool in Disney World. Awesome product!

    • Thanks GA. Wow, running in the FLA heat and humidity is the ultimate test for The Chill Tube Cooling Towels from CoolCore! Great feedback and thanks for sharing. Glad you discovered this awesome product from CoolCore too. And great idea to bring them to Disney World!… I am hearing from CoolCore that several new cooling accessory/apparel products are coming out soon. Great news from a very cool company. FYI, CoolCore just launched its online store too. It’s at: Have a great fall in FLA! Thanks for checking out the Seacoast Fitness Daly blog. I am sure I’ll have more news and reviews from CoolCore again soon.

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