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Seacoast Fitness “Spotlight”: Fitness Nutrition Tips to Boost Energy & Endurance – Dr.’s Orders

January 17, 2013

Like many fitness enthusiasts, athletes and weekend warriors, I struggle to balance proper nutrition, good eating habits and maintaining my energy levels for my weekly workouts in the gym, at yoga class and on training runs (and swims) during the winter. So I was excited to attend Dr. Jeff Donatello‘s presentation on “the Nutritionally Deficient… Read More ›

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Can Veggies Increase Your Exercise Endurance? – New Study Says “Beet it!”

While you were on your summer vacation, you might have missed the latest exercise and fitness nutrition fad for athletes. Well, like most things in life, it all really comes back to what mom used to say (well, she gently remind me over and over again as I threw peas at my siblings) – “eat… Read More ›

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Today Was a Peach on the Seacoast: So Let’s Live Long and Prosper!

  It’s a summer Sunday on the Seacoast… and let me tell you this Sunday was a PEACH! After a morning spent grabbing some oatmeal and my venti Komodo Dragon blend coffee at Starbucks in Market Square, I replied to a few emails and got some blogging in and then, well I hit the wall…. Read More ›

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