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photo of Blizzard Blast race logo/poster

Seacoast Fitness Daly Race Review: Breaking The Obstacle Course Race ‘Ice’ – The “Blizzard Blast” Was That and More!

January 28, 2013

Well, I finally decided to join the masses and give it a go in my first obstacle course race. And since I love a crazy fitness challenge, winter sports, and am always looking for different workout during the chilly months, I figured why not start out with a winter obstacle race? So, to “break the… Read More ›

photo of yoga mala yoga class

It’s The Season Of Giving, With Fitness: Sign Up For Some Seacoast Cycling & Sun Salutations

It’s that time of year again when the season of giving inspires so many of us to volunteer to help others, make a donation to a favorite charity or buy some toys/gifts for kids and families in need. If you are a fitness fanatic, like me, and are looking for another way to “give back”… Read More ›

photo of breakwater inn

Fitness Take Me Away!: My Fantastic 4 Adventure Fitness Vacation Spots

Need to get away? But don’t want to come back home and need a health vacation after your vacation? Yeah me too. We’ve all been there. Well, a few years back I started going on an annual fitness vacation (retreat) to get away from it all, cleanse, recharge, push my fitness level, all while enjoying… Read More ›

photo of Santa water skiing in Portsmouth

No More Bowl Full of Jelly: Santa Gets His Fitness On! – Jolly Old Elf Trades in Sleigh for Skis, Snowboard, Yoga Mat and a Speedo.

FITNESS TRACKING SANTA: In case you missed it while you were out and about Christmas shopping last weekend, in a new annual holiday tradition here on the Seacoast (Santa Ski New England), Santa and his reindeer water-skied across the Piscataqua River Saturday afternoon. The Jolly Old Elf and his 9 reindeer (Rudolph too) braved the freezing temps… Read More ›

photo of 2011 NYC Marathon runners

Follow Up: 2012 NYC Marathon Canceled, BUT Marathoners Are Still Running To Help Storm Victims!

Well, better late than never I guess. On Friday night, after most of the approximately 50,000 New York City Marathon runners and their families and friends had already arrived in town, under mounting pressure and outcries, NYC Mayor Bloomberg called off the 2012 race, thankfully. According to The Huffington Post Sports feature “NYC Marathon Canceled,” ….this weekend’s… Read More ›

photo of Sandy's destruction on Staten Island

Starting On Staten Island? New York City Marathon Runners Are Running The Wrong Way!

Here on the NH Seacoast, I am lucky. Yesterday I went for a great late afternoon run by the ocean finishing right at sunset at Portsmouth’s Prescott Park. The warm fall weather and waterfront scenery were idyllic. Just the workout I needed. Lucky me. After dinner, while working on a story about the endurance sport… Read More ›

photo of surfers at Rye Beach, NH

Catchin’ The Surfing Fitness Wave: Paddle Your Way To “The Perfect Workout”

“Surfing’s the source man… swear to God.” ~Bodhi (the late Patrick Swayze) in Point Break. Bodhi just might be on to something. If you’re looking to “shake up” your workout, or if you are feeling kind of beat up and sore from all the kettle bells, circuit or weight training, and more hours on your… Read More ›

photo of kids at recess playing dodgeball

Your Workouts Should Be More Like Recess: Go Outside and Play!

Like most things in life, exercising and staying fit all comes back to what your mother used to tell you when you were a kid, get out of the house and go outside and play! Who knew mom was on the cutting edge of health and fitness back in the day? But hey, mom’s always… Read More ›

photo of Olympic swim marathon at London 2012

Everybody Out of the Water!: Endurance Swimming Is Not Remarkable, Just a “HUGE” Risk

I know it’s late summer and the water temps are warm, and who doesn’t want to go for a dip in the ocean? But, let’s get real. There’s going for a nice swim or even a hard pool workout, but what is up this summer with all these crazy endurance swimmers? Or should I just call… Read More ›

Bikram Yoga Brings Out Your Best! (It’s HOT, HOT, HOT)

What do Gwenyth Paltrow, Madonna, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Olympic tennis champion Andy Murray all have in common with well… me? That is other than our sweet dance moves? It’s a passion for and dedication to Bikram Yoga. We like it hot! As a beat up and inflexible aging athlete, who still thinks I am 25 (I’m… Read More ›

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